Onshore Application

The onshore planning application incorporates all the onshore aspects of the project from mean low water springs (low tide) along the onshore cable route to the East Yelland Substation where the project will connect to the electricity grid.

The planning application for the onshore elements of the project has been submitted to North Devon Council Local Planning Authority under application number 77576. To view the application on the planning portal, click here.

To read the Non-Technical Summary of our onshore application, as well as to view all other environmental statement documents submitted to the North Devon Council Local Planning Authority, please use the links below.

FLO-WHI-NTS-0001 Non-Technical Summary 00
FLO-WHI-STM-0001 Planning Application Documentation

FLO-WHI-REP-0016-01 Chapter 1 Introduction Version 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-02 Chapter 2 Need for the Project Version 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-03 Chapter 3 Policy and Legislative Context Version 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-04 Chapter 4 SSAA Version 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-05 Chapter 5 Project Description Version 01
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-06 Chapter 6 EIA Methodology Version 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-07 Chapter 7 Consultation Version 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-08 Chapter 8 Marine and Coastal Processes 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-09 Chapter 9 MWSQ Version 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-10 Chapter 10 Benthic and Intertidal Ecology 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-12 Chapter 11 Marine Mammal and Marine Turtle Ecology Version 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-16 Chapter 12 Ground Conditions and Contamination 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-17 Chapter 13 Air Quality Version 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-18 Chapter 14 Water Resources and Flood Risk 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-19 Chapter 15 Land Use 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-20 Chapter 16 Onshore Ecology and Ornithology – Version 01
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-21 Chapter 17 Onshore Archaeology and Cultural Heritage 01
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-22 Chapter 18 Noise and Vibration Version 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-23 Chapter 19 Traffic and Transport Version 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-24 Chapter 20 Onshore Landscape and Visual Amenity 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-25 Chapter 21 Socio-economics, Tourism and Recreation Version 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-26 Chapter 22 Human Health 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-27 Chapter 23 Climate Change Version 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-28 Chapter 24 Major Accidents and Disasters Version 00
FLO-WHI-REP-0016-29 Chapter 25 Inter-relationships Version 00

January 2024 – Additional project information

Following a review of the application representations made through the planning portal, there were a number of topics that were identified as key interests. In response to this we have developed the below documents to provide a brief and more accessible summary of the relevant information from the Environmental Statement.

Read the Non-Technical Summary

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