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Traffic and Parking

The project team will work hard to make sure any additional traffic is kept to a minimum while we are laying the underground cable between Saunton Sands and the electricity substation at East Yelland.
For most of the construction period, we estimate there will be a maximum of 18 arrivals and 18 departures by Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) per day.
Working hours will be restricted, and we are not proposing to work on Sundays or Bank Holidays.
The busiest period for additional traffic will be during the beginning of construction when we are setting up work areas.
The work where the cable comes to shore will last for approximately two weeks and it will happen outside the peak summer holiday season.
Working closely with our construction engineers, through design development, we have identified ways to reduce the number of HGV movements.

The above figures represent a “worst case” scenario and we are putting measures in place to further reduce these numbers. We will be providing more information about transport arrangements soon.

The power cable will come ashore at the north end of Saunton Sands beach. This means the White Cross team will need to work in part of the car park. We will make sure we use fewer spaces during the peak holiday season, when the car park is busy, and we will do all we can to minimise the temporary reduction of available parking.

The project will hand back spaces as quickly as possible after work is complete. We are investigating other ways in which we can reduce the temporary reduction in parking, and we are hoping to have an update on that soon.

You can find out more about transport arrangements here >