Offshore Application

Read the Non-Technical Summary of our offshore application with the Marine Management Organisation which provides a concise and easily understandable overview of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process and the findings of the offshore EIA for the White Cross project. In addition, it also includes a description of the project and information on the location, design and size of the project. 

To read the Non-Technical Summary of our offshore application, as well as to view all other environmental statement documents submitted to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), please use the links below.

The MMO case reference number for the White Cross application is MLA/2023/00113.

FLO-WHI-NTS-0001 Non-Technical Summary
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-01 Chapter 1 Introduction
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-02 Chapter 2 Need for the Project
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-03 Chapter 3 Policy and Legislative Context
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-04 Chapter 4 Site Selection and Assessment of Alternatives
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-05 Chapter 5 Project Description
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-06 Chapter 6 EIA Methodology
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-07 Chapter 7 Consultation
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-08 Chapter 8 Marine and Physical Processes
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-09 Chapter 9 Marine Water and Sediment Quality
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-10 Chapter 10 Benthic and Intertidal Ecology
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-11 Chapter 11 Fish and Shellfish
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-12 Chapter 12 Marine Mammal and Marine Turtle Ecology
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-13 Chapter 13 Offshore Ornithology
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-14 Chapter 14 Commercial Fisheries
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-15 Chapter 15 Shipping and Navigation
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-16 Chapter 16 Marine Archaeology and Cultural Heritage
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-17 Chapter 17 Civil and Military Aviation
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-18 Chapter 18 Infrastructure and Other Users
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-19 Chapter 19 Offshore Seascape Landscape and Visual Amenity
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-20 Chapter 20 Onshore Ecology and Ornithology
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-21 Chapter 21 Noise and Vibration
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-22 Chapter 22 Traffic and Transport
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-23 Chapter 23 Socio-Economics
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-24 Chapter 24 Human Health
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-25 Chapter 25 Climate Change
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-26 Chapter 26 Accidents and Disasters
FLO-WHI-REP-0002-27 Chapter 27 Inter-relationships

Read the Non-Technical Summary

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