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White Cross Teamwork

April 2022 

The White Cross Offshore Windfarm team visited Devon and Cornwall, spending time engaging with local businesses this month. We learned a lot about how the local supply chain can contribute to our project through visits to fabrication facilities; and meetings with both onshore and offshore Contractors – and of course what we can do to help them.

We also visited Braunton Burrows Special Area of Conservation (SAC) to walk over the proposed cable route. Our ecologist showed the team two individual Petalwort (Petalophyllum ralfsii) in an area of short grass a few hundred metres from the Crow Point car park. At a maximum size of 15 mm, it was a great find. Petalwort finds it hard to compete with taller plants for light and space, so survive in areas where vegetation is kept short through frequent seasonal grazing or mowing.

About the authors

Al Rayner is a Chartered Naval Architect with 20+ years of technical and project delivery experience. This includes the Kincardine project, as well as numerous other projects in the offshore, utilities and renewables sectors. Al’s current role is to lead the delivery of the White Cross and other Celtic Sea projects

Adam Payne is the Consent Lead for the White Cross Offshore wind farm having joined Flotation Energy in August 2021. He has been involved in offshore wind consenting for more than 15 years and has over 20 years of experience in the marine environment. Adam has specific technical expertise in marine biology, specifically fish ecology and commercial fisheries.

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