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Geophysical Survey Completion

On Tuesday 16th August 2022 the Geo Focus, supported by the Argyll Explorer and Elysse completed the geophysical (including UXO survey) and benthic ecology surveys for the White Cross project.

The survey was commissioned to gather up to date information on seabed geology and to identify potential seabed hazards.  The benthic ecology survey, undertaken in parallel, collected data on seabed habitats and the flora and fauna present on the seabed.  The survey data and samples will now be analysed and reviewed. The results will inform design and engineering studies and decisions, the environmental assessment process and support the consent application.

This contract was awarded to N-Sea following a competitive tendering process, and together with their subcontractor Ocean Ecology Limited (OEL), our Company Fisheries Liaison Officers (CFLO) Brown and May Marine Ltd, and our partner Wood, the team has worked hard to manage weather delays and to work closely with the fishing industry to successfully deliver the survey data and samples.

Geo Focus (courtesy of N-Sea)

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